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Whether you are designing the next real-time multiplayer gaming app, the next breakthrough in consumer communications, or a new approach to enterprise communications and collaboration, you will want to work with Jibe.

A pioneer in global communications, Jibe is helping to bridging the worlds of traditional telecommunications and Silicon Valley-style rapid application development. For developers, this means that we’re providing tools and rules for designing apps that can run on any network and connect with consumers anywhere. Jibe is opening its communication APIs to developers worldwide. Add video and voice powered by Jibe into your apps using our mobile APIs. And with joyn™ at the core, your apps will be future-proof as carrier innovate.

Opportunity for gaming developers

Working with Jibe, game developers can avail themselves to the first open, global development platform for the next generation of social games – low-latency, global, and with a mechanism for rapidly gaining new users around the globe through persistent communications and “social discovery.”

Enterprise developers

Leverage the first open, global development platform for the next generation of communication and collaboration apps – across any network, any device, at enterprise grade levels of performance.

For more information, visit the Jibe developer portal.

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