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United States and Canada

  • James Perry
    Read receipts!! About time a good app with read receipts. That is the only thing I missed from my iPhone. I would really like it if you could change or make the theme customizable because it just looks so generic other than that 5 stars from me.
    Julian Osuna
    AMAZING!!! Best messaging and true HD video!! Only found this app because it was preinstalled in my phone. Best app out there!!
    Julie B.
    Really love the emoji keyboard Compatible with imessage emojis which is a HUGE plus, and just a great app in general. Came standard on my s4. Love it. Thanks to the creators!
  • Beverly Chen
    Best messaging app EVAR!!! It is a great all-in-one app that I think everyone should download. You don't need to worry about opening other messaging apps like LINE, Whatsapp, or Viber, etc . if you have people in those apps.
    olisha canady
    Very easy to use. I can do everything through this app. Make calls, send messages and video chat. Perfect for my Samsung gl s4
    Deena Him
    Great App!! Recommend this awesome app. No problems, easy download. Video chat and messaging too! No problems with loading pictures and videos received.
  • Tad Hughson
    Love this app Great app. Video quality looks really impressive. Stickers and backgrounds make a real difference.
    Jonathan Hamady
    It's good... For the most part this app is very organized very smooth easy flowing layout. I like the emijos and the video calling the only con I have found is that my contact pictures do not show...
    Nicole Fillinger
    BEST texting app out there. I've never heard of this app but my phone (LG G2) came equipped with it. I have this set as my default message app. You can conveniently manage texts, missed calls, and video chat.
  • Richard Knuth
    HTC 4g LTE Love the app, so does my wife. Great features! Glad to hear it will be available for tablets soon. Good video also even with a not so good signal. Thank you for this great app!
    Lisa Martin
    Love video chat! I'm so happy I can now use my Android to video chat with my family and friends that have iPhones! The video is really clear too! Group chatting is pretty cool too, especially when coordinating plans :)
    Jack Archtele
    Video is great Really, really good video! I like that you can change the background too - far more colorful than the regular messenger app.

Make Video Calls

Video Calling brings you closer to what you care about. Make video calls over mobile networks and WiFi. Engineered to bring you the most pixels to your phone so you can experience full screen video calling with high fidelity audio when you call family and friends on any mobile network.


Chat with Those You Want

Group chat brings all your family and friends together for easy to use text chat. Start new groups or chat one on one. Add new friends or family or eject yourself from the conversation.


Share What You Want

Now, sharing just got a whole lot easier - while in a group chat with friends and family - you can easily take photos or share existing photos, record video or share existing videos, and share your current location by dropping a pin on a map to pinpoint your location.



Messaging Plus gives you the highest quality video calling, group chat and sharing experience on mobile — share your favorite photos, videos and current location.

No Hassle Registration
No Account Creation, No New Phone Number. Messaging Plus uses your number as your account, so you don't need a new one.
Vibrant Video Calls
Make the highest quality video calls on mobile for free. Video calling isn't limited to just one device or to Wi-Fi only. It also works over 3G and 4G!
Simply Chat with Anyone
Send a message anytime, anywhere you are. Even when your friends turn off their phone, Messaging Plus will save the message you send and deliver it when they power on their phone.
Never Lose a Message
When someone sends you messages and you're not available, Messaging Plus will save those messages and deliver them to you the next time you open the app.
Auto Friends Discovery
Friends already using Messaging Plus are automatically found and added to your friends list.
Full Emoji Keyboard
With the new built-in Emoji keyboard, you can send your favorite emojis to friends on Android or iPhone.
Invite your Friends
You can invite the friends in your mobile address book to use Messaging Plus by opening the profile in the app and clicking "Invite".
Share Pictures & Videos
Got a favorite picture or video you want to send to a friend? With Messaging Plus, you can send full resolution pictures and videos, fast and free of charge. You can also take pictures and videos live and send them with Messaging Plus.
Share your Location
Need to tell people where you're at, while you're on the go? Now you can. With Messaging Plus, you can seamlessly pinpoint your current location, and press send to share it.

Note: Standard data charges may apply when using Messaging Plus on your carrier network.

Now Available in United States and Canada

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