For the Consumer


We’re living in a world where being connected — staying connected – has become an imperative. But the meaning of connect has changed.

At one time it was the landline phone, and the communications networks that made connecting possible brought us voice.

Then it was the Web, and the communications network that made connecting possible brought us video chat, online games, and other applications powered by “rich” communications.

The New Mobile World

Now that so much of the world is moving to mobile – smartphones, tablets, and the next generation of hybrid devices – there are new applications emerging fast and on the horizon.

Games powered by communication. Video chat over mobile devices. Real-time gameplay with anyone, anywhere, over any smart device. And delivered to you at the highest levels of services and reliability that only a carrier network can provide.

Later this year, we will provide consumers everywhere with a simple application they can use to connect, communicate and collaborate with anyone, anywhere.

It will be the first service of its kind, and we are working with the world’s most innovative telephone networks and software developers to make it a reality.

Welcome to the next global communications network.

We’ll be ready for you.


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