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2014: The Year of Telecom Cloud Momentum
“Connecting RCS Throughout Europe”

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Jibe Mobile RCS Hub Press Release

NEWS: Jibe Debuts RCS Hub Connecting Rich Communications Services Worldwide at Mobile World Congress

BARCELONA AND MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., February 20, 2014 – Jibe Mobile, the global communications cloud company, today announced that Jibe’s RCS Hub is now available for interconnecting carrier RCS and joyn services throughout the world and will be showcased at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Deutsche Telekom and other multi-national carriers are deploying RCS services hosted by Jibe in European markets and are benefiting from the fast, efficient roll-out and interconnection via Jibe’s RCS Hub to other European carriers.

Download Press Release: Jibe Debuts RCS Hub Connecting Rich Communications Services Worldwide at Mobile World Congress


  1. What is the Jibe RCS Hub?
  2. When will the Jibe RCS Hub be available/ready?
  3. What is the difference between Jibe RCS Hub and Jibe’s Global IP Communications Cloud?


Jibe RCS Hub Graphic

Connecting Europe @ Mobile World Congress
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“Jibe Mobile’s RCS Hub Connecting Europe Launches with Deutsche Telekom at Mobile World Congress 2014″


Jibe Mobile Messaging Plus Press Release

NEWS: Jibe Mobile Powered Messaging Plus Now on Nearly All New Android Smartphones by Sprint

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – February 20, 2014 – Connecting with friends and family just got even easier for Sprint (NYSE: S) customers with Messaging Plus now pre-loaded on nearly all new Sprint Android™ smartphones. Messaging Plus, powered by cloud communications company Jibe Mobile, lets Sprint customers purchasing Android smartphones — such as the new LG G Flex — click on a single pre-loaded app to connect with friends on any wireless carrier in the United States, Canada and Mexico via text, chat, group chat, video chat as well as sharing of photos and videos.

Download Press Release: Jibe Mobile Powered Messaging Plus Now Available on Nearly all new Android-Powered Smartphones by Sprint

Messaging Plus FAQs

  1. What is the news?
  2. What is Messaging Plus’ full feature set now?
  3. What new Messaging Plus features/services have been added since launch?
  4. Why is Sprint pre-loading Messaging Plus?



Messaging Plus Preload Screenshot on New LG G Flex

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“Sprint preloads Messaging Plus on nearly all new Android-powered smartphones, including LG’s G Flex Android”

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Jibe’s Cloud for Telecom Graphic

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“Jibe – The Global IP Communications Cloud Company – provides an open platform that bridges the gap between Carriers, Subscribers, and their Friends across devices and network – to build the new global communications ecosystem.”


Corporate FAQs

What is Jibe? How is it differentiated?
Why is Jibe Mobile’s Cloud so important to mobile consumers, carriers, and developers?
When was Jibe founded? Where is the company headquartered?
What are Jibe’s revenues?
How is Jibe funded? How much total funding have you received to date?
What are the names of your investors?
Why did Vodafone invest?
How many people does Jibe Mobile employ?
Jibe Mobile Products include
What is joyn?
How do Jibe Mobile’s products relate to joyn and RCS5?