Announced Today (9/30/2015): Jibe is Joining Google

Jibe Mobile, the Cloud Communications Company for mobile operators, handset manufacturers, and other communication networks, provides an open end-to-end technology platform enabling carriers to rapidly launch and commercially scale the most innovative IP communication services to mobile consumers globally. Bridging the worlds of telecom standards and Silicon Valley-style innovation, Jibe’s Communications Cloud supports industry standards (including WebRTC, RCS, joyn™) and interoperability enabling carriers to seamlessly deliver rich IP-based communications services — high quality video calling, group chat and large media-file sharing — as part of mobile consumers’ everyday conversation, regardless of network, device, or region. Jibe Mobile customers include U.S.-based Sprint and leading European carriers Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, KPN, and SFR. Jibe Mobile headquarters is in Mountain View, with offices in London and Dusseldorf.


  • 2015 September: Google Acquires Jibe Mobile
  • 2015 August: Deutsche Telekom Increases European RCS Momentum with Third Jibe Service Launch
  • 2015 July: Jibe Mobile and SFR Launch World’s RCS Native Devices powered by the Cloud
  • 2015 May: Jibe Mobile and Deutsche Telekom Win Prestigious 2015 Global Telecom Business Innovation Award
  • 2015 February: Jibe Mobile First to Receive GSMA Endorsement for Full Android Client Accreditation and Cloud Accreditation
  • 2015 February: Deutsche Telekom, Sprint, Vodafone & KPN join GSMA and Jibe Mobile to Demonstrate the Power of Globally Interconnected IP Messaging at Mobile World Congress 2015
  • 2014 June: Deutsche Telekom’s COSMOTE launches, powered by Jibe Mobile
  • 2014 June: Deutsche Telekom’s Slovak Telekom launches, powered by Jibe Mobile
  • 2014 February: Jibe demonstrates live interconnect at Mobile World Congress between Deutsche Telekom and Orange
  • 2014 February: Jibe announces launch of RCS Hub at Mobile World Congress with Deutsche Telekom leading the charge
  • 2014 February: Sprint announces Messaging Plus installed on nearly all new Android phones
  • 2014 January: Jibe recipient of TMC’s Internet Telephony Product of the Year
  • 2013 October: Jibe shortlisted for North America LTE Award’s Most Innovative Application/Service
  • 2013 October: Jibe and Sprint launch Messaging Plus
  • 2013 September: Jibe Mobile Receives 2013 Customer Magazine Innovation Award
  • 2013 September: Jibe named World Communications Award Finalist
  • 2013 July: Jibe honored with TMC Labs Innovation Award 2013
  • 2013 July: Jibe receives Telecom Council SPIFFY Ground Breaker Award for Engineering Excellence
  • 2013 February: MetroPCS Selects Jibe Mobile to Expand Joyn to North America
  • 2012 December: Jibe Announces $8.3M funding backed by Vodafone ventures
  • 2012 December: Jibe Launches Cloud Communications for Mobile Operators
  • 2012 October: Jibe Opens Dev Portal to Global Developers at Droidcon London
  • 2012 February: Jibe Powers RCS SDK for Vodafone, launched at Mobile World Congress
  • 2011 February: Jibe wins RCS DevChallenge for best RCS App at Mobile World Congress
  • 2011 March: Jibe launches messenger app on Kyocera phone
  • 2010 Jibe partners with Vodafone to author RCS-e specification
  • 2008 Jibe launches first app in beta
  • 2006 Jibe founded