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Why Think Cloud First?

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Jibe Private Cloud

The #1 hosted RCS solution for mobile carriers

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Why are carriers choosing Private Cloud?

Because traditional in-network platforms simply cannot evolve fast enough to keep carriers’ messaging services current and competitive against rapidly-evolving OTT services. Multi-vendor, high-integration architectures work well for stable, well-defined Telco services, but in the messaging arena it means carriers are forever playing an expensive game of catch-up. A new approach is required.

By choosing Private Cloud with Jibe’s downloadable clients, carriers can launch quickly and evolve frequently, accelerating their feature velocity from a Telco crawl to Silicon Valley speeds. Private Cloud provides the agility that is essential for carriers to be successful in the modern messaging marketplace.

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A truly end-to-end solution

Private Cloud is a one-stop-shop for launching carrier-grade RCS services in weeks. Packaged with Jibe’s downloadable clients for Android and iOS, and Jibe’s Public Cloud and RCS Hub for universal reach, it provides everything a carrier needs to launch RCS 5.1 and joyn branding and certification, if desired.

We’re always up-to-date with latest industry standards, including RCS5.1, joyn Blackbird and WebRTC, but we don’t stop there. Jibe innovates around and beyond industry standards to give our customers the leading edge, resulting in class-leading products such as our Web Telco Gateway, and unique capabilities like Jibe HD for video and audio calling.

Zero compromise

As you would expect from a platform trusted by the world’s leading carriers, Private Cloud is a production-ready, carrier-grade solution. Cloud First is not a strategy that requires compromise – everything you can do with an in-network platform you can achieve from the cloud, and many things can be achieved more quickly, with lower risk and a better user experience..

Based upon years of experience in providing mission-critical services to the world’s largest mobile carriers, Jibe has the products and the know-how to fulfil every carrier requirement at every scale, large and small.

Hosted today, in-house tomorrow

Launching RCS using a hosted service is a no-brainer. Rapid time-to-market, simplicity of deployment, and the flexibility to make frequent service updates are all must-haves for taking a new service to market. But once your service is established and stable you want want to bring the back-end into your network.

Private Cloud is available for migration into carrier data centers, including deployment onto virtualised server environments that deliver significant efficiencies compared to traditional platforms that require dedicated, customised hardware. Carriers enjoy the benefits of consolidated hosting and network infrastructure, and the option for tighter integration with VoLTE platforms, along with the reassurance that Jibe can still operate the Private Cloud as a service for them, hosted inside the carrier network.

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North American residents (USA and Canada) can download our Messaging Plus clients from Google Play or the App Store. Elsewhere please contact Jibe Sales for access to trial clients.

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